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Eighteen Transformational Lessons to Serenity, Radiance,and Bliss
Mukunda Stiles

Master teacher, Mukunda Stiles, offers 18 lessons in Tantrik Yoga, a practice of transformational self-healing in which the practitioners deepen awareness of their bodies, its energy forces and the connections to the natural world around them and to those they love.

The practice of Tantrik Yoga is considered to be the highest and most rapid path to enlightenment. By heightening your awareness to the connective energy you will learn to embrace and develop a higher level of intimacy, the heart of tantra. Stiles brings this intimate and life changing practice to readers with grace, structure and clarity.

The Tantric tradition includes a vast range of practical teachings leading to the expansion of human consciousness and the liberation of primal energy (Kundalini). The unifying principle behind the diverse systems of tantra is that the material world and its experiences can be utilised to attain enlightenment. Many movements today describe tantra as sexual practices promising longer and better orgasms, increased stamina and ecstasy, but this is a shallow and paltry echo of the Tantric Tradition. The real Tantra aims to awaken Kundalini, the dormant potential force in the human personality.

Tantric yoga teaches control of the body and its functions so that the tantrist may reach the ultimate spiritual experience and empowers you to overcome emotions, gain new knowledge and bring wisdom back into consciousness. Tantrik Yoga, like all yoga paths, is an effective means of living a more fulfilling spiritual lifestyle.

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  • Published : 01/09/2011
  • ISBN : 9781578635030
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