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Love Meridians and Pressure Points
Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North

Taught to Chinese emperors, their wives and their concubines for thousands of years, Taoist sexual techniques help lovers harmonise their cycles of pleasure and utilise the abundance of reproductive power that is otherwise wasted in non-procreative sex. Combining the study of sex with traditional Chinese medicine, these practices stimulate and sustain sexual desire through the meridians and pressure points and enhance relationships by harmonising male (yang) and female (yin) energies.

Using easy-to-follow illustrations, TAOIST FOREPLAY guides lovers through simple acupressure massage routines connecting all the points and channels that increase pleasure and spark arousal. It shows how to prolong peak moments, maintain sexual health through prostate massage and jade egg exercises and sustain the intensity of first love through all the seasons of a maturing relationship. It, also, explains how to reveal and overcome incompatibility with the Taoist Zodiac. From foreplay to climax, these practices offer a way to keep the flame of sexual energy alive.

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  • Published : 25/06/2010
  • ISBN : 9781594771880
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Destiny Books
  • Size (mm): 230 x 152
  • Category: Sexuality
  • Pages : 160
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