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Crystal, Indigo, and Star Kids Speak Out About the World and the Coming 2012 Shift
Meg Blackburn Losey

The Children Of Now changed paradigms of how we raise, teach and nurture our children, and created awareness that ADD, ADHD and autism just might not be what we thought. The book touched parents, teachers and carers all over the world. Now, in CONVERSATIONS WITH THE CHILDREN OF NOW, Dr. Meg goes even further to spotlight some of the Children of Now and others who have come forward since the first book was released.

Intricately woven conversations with Indigo Children, Crystalline Children, Star Kids and Transitional Kids reveal the hearts and souls of our future generation. These real children share their feelings and perceptions about themselves and our world. Hear, in their own words:
· Who they really are.
· Where they come from.
· Why they are here and what they have come to share with humanity.
· What they know about God and about living and dying.
· What they know about the healing of hearts and souls and of bodies
and minds.
· What will happen in the 2012 shift.

These children speak about past lives, other worlds, forgotten gifts and unconditional love as a way of being. They show how we can change our world with grace. They, also, reveal how we can guide them, nurture them and allow them to become the great human beings they were destined to become!

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  • Published : 28/01/2008
  • ISBN : 9781564149787
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : New Page Books
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