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Healing Through The Shadow of Loss
Deborah Morris Coryell

We grieve only for that which we have loved and the transient nature of life makes love and loss intimate companions. In GOOD GRIEF professional grief counsellor Deborah Morris Coryell describes grief as the experience of not having anywhere to place our love, of losing a connection, an outlet for our emotion. To heal grief we have to learn how to continue to love in the face of loss.
In this compassionate guide, Coryell gives inspiring examples of how embracing our losses allows us to awaken our most profound connections to other people. Though our society tends to rank loss in a “hierarchy of grief,” she reminds us that all losses must be grieved in their own right and on their own terms and that we must honour the “small” losses as well as the “big” ones. Paying attention to even the most minute experiences of loss can help us to be more in tune with our responses to the greater ones, allowing us to once again become part of the rhythm of life from which we have become disconnected. This 10th anniversary edition includes a 60-minute CD of the author reading select passages from the text.

Explores the nature of loss as a profound mystery shared by all human beings
Offers sensitive and practical advice for experiencing grief and preparing for the healing journey that follows
Includes a CD of the author reading selections from the text
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  • Published : 23/08/2007
  • ISBN : 9781594771590
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Healing Arts Press
  • Size (mm): 153 x 229
  • Category: Psychology
  • Pages : 160
  • Edition : Second