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A Simple Exercise Guide to Increasing Your Oxygen Intake

It may begin with shortness of breath or perhaps a recurring cough as you inhale. Your ability to take in more air becomes impeded - for any number of reasons. The bottom line is that your body is not receiving the oxygen it requires and when that happens, your body lets you know it. Exhaustion, depression, lack of focus and dizziness can all set in, not to mention the organ damage created by a lack of oxygen. Prescription medications or an oxygen tank may provide some relief, but there are, also, a number of techniques that you can do on your own to improve your condition. Best-selling health writers, Meera Patricia Kerr and Dr. Sarah A. McLanahan have teamed up to provide an effective breathing exercise programme. Their new book, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, is designed to help those who have any number of breathing problems increase their lung capacity safely and naturally.
The book is divided into two parts. Part One provides information basic to understanding the authors' unique programme. You will learn the importance of the respiratory system to your health and how you can improve your breathing through specific time-tested exercises. You will, also, learn about the mental blocks that may prevent you from performing these simple yet important exercises - and how you can overcome them. Part Two presents the full breathing programme, from assuming the right postures to carrying out essential techniques for lung improvement. As you will discover, this programme offers benefits far beyond easier breathing, including the ability to overcome stress, gain mental clarity, and take greater control over your life.
While there may not be a complete cure for every breathing disorder, you can play a crucial role in improving your condition. TAKE A DEEP BREATH gives you the tools you need to control your breathing and optimise your health. All it takes is one deep breath at a time.

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  • Published : 02/10/2020
  • ISBN : 9780757004810
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  • Imprint : Square One Publishing
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