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A True Story of Escape Survival and Resistance
Shalom Yoran

Fifty years ago while recuperating in an Israeli hospital a young Polish refugee wrote at length about his remarkable experiences in war-torn Europe. When done his notes were set aside as he built a new life for himself his wife and their children. Then in 1995 Shalom Yoran came across his own long-forgotten writings and realising their importance completed his work. THE DEFIANT is his extraordinary memoir. THE DEFIANT is a true story of survival and courage in the darkest days of Nazi-occupied Poland. It is the personal account of a young man who refused to yield to the German onslaught and instead chose to become a Jewish resistance fighter. The book chronicles the bravery of a group of men and women who carried on a forest war using antiquated guns and living on instinct. From the brutal behaviour of Polish peasants to the constant bombardment of German air raids from the questionable orders of anti-Semitic commanders to direct confrontations with storm troopers the author sheds light on events that few know of in this country. Yoran has written a unique holocaust account that is fresh powerful and rich in detail. Here is the amazing story of a handful of courageous men and women who fought against incredible odds - and triumphed.

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  • Published : 21/08/2003
  • ISBN : 9780757000782
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