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An Education in Black and White

Fred Engh and his charity NAYS—The National Association For Youth Sports—has positively affected the lives of millions of children throughout the USA for decades, but chances are you have never heard of him or his group. What he has tried to do is make organised sports for kids fun. He has done this by training coaches to be fair, avoid playing favourites, bullying players and stopping fans from getting out of control. He has, also, tried to even the playing field for children of different colours and ethnicities. From baseball to soccer to golf, he has made it his mission to let children choose to play the sport they love—no matter where they live or how well they play. And yet, the story behind how he discovered his calling in life is definitely a remarkable one of transition.

The year was 1961 and after hearing a college football coach being interviewed on a local radio show, Fred was inspired enough to register at Maryland State College, a then all-black college. The thing was, Fred Engh was white. He would become the first white student to attend Maryland State, a segregated college. His intention was not to break any racial barriers or make any headlines. He simply wanted a better life for himself and his family as an accredited teacher. What he learned from attending that college, however, was something he had not expected.

Today, when racial disparagement has once again taken the form of marches, protesters and daily news headlines, here is a tale of discovery, understanding and personal change. A lesson still as valuable today as it was then.

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  • Published : 25/04/2021
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