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Rags to Enrichment: A Memoir

For the first time in her 50 year career best-selling prosperity and inspirational writer Catherine Ponder shares with you the step-by-step account of her Rags to Enrichment story that details every chapter of a life filled with twists and turns that ultimately lead to prosperity happiness and success. In her countless books magazine articles and numerous lectures she has used other people and students as examples to illustrate her Gold Dust Prosperity principles. Now after many years of answering questions and letters from readers yearning to hear her story Catherine offers her own life as an example of how the prosperity techniques work. The result is a timely and eloquent memoir over-flowing with the wisdom and experience of a resilient pioneer whose wit and charisma reflects a woman who truly walks her talk Just as her books have withstood the test of time.

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  • Published : 30/08/2003
  • ISBN : 9780875167879
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : De Vorss & Company
  • Size (mm): 152 X 229
  • Category: Biography
  • Pages : 224
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