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A Spiritual Strategy for Transforming Pain Dis-Ease and Death
Charles Atkins

Healing is part of every major spiritual tradition and no tradition has carried healing to greater heights than Buddhism. Regardless of your religious or spiritual path this book will shed light on the role of meditation imagery and prayer in the healing process. In today's increasingly technological world we need this wisdom more than ever. - Larry Dossey M.D. author of Healing Words In 1987 Charles Atkins was struck with Hodgkin's disease and underwent the ravages of chemotherapy. Throughout his illness he used his Buddhist training and the power of the mantra nam-myoho-renge-kyo to carry him through the cancer treatments and allay his fears of death and doubts for recovery. During his stays in the hospital he took every possible opportunity to comfort other cancer patients. His survival inspired him to share the healing techniques he has learned with others. In this book Atkins introduces us to the Buddhist master Nichiren (1222-1281) and the healing teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha as laid out in the Lotus Sutra. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is an old mantra that has accumulated a great deal of power from centuries of countless individuals focusing their highest intents while chanting it. He explains how nam-myoho-renge-kyo can be used to undo karma that has damaged our health. Methods for chanting while visualizing abound in this book. His example along with that of many others struggling with diseases as diverse as fibromyalgia diabetic ulcers high blood pressure and mental illness provides a beacon of hope for those facing illness. Atkins's book shows that with hope faith and prayer nothing is impossible.

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  • Published : 08/07/2004
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