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His Friendships with Mary Mellon and J.B. Priestley
William Schoenl

This is a fascinating story told here for the first time in detail of Jung's friendships with Mary Mellon and J. B. Priestley. Mary Mellon was the founder of the Bollingen Series which published Jung's Collected Works in English and the wife of the famous American philanthropist Paul Mellon. J. B. Priestley was a well-known British author and journalist who interviewed Jung several times for the BBC. Both admired Jung and helped make his psychology known and recognized throughout the world. In this book which uses the letters to trace the course of these two friendships we get a glimpse of Jung the man with nose and ears as his son Franz said of him--a remarkable genius but also a man with ordinary human strivings and flaws.

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  • Published : 22/08/2006
  • ISBN : 9781888602081
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