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Scientific Evidence that Energy Medicine Promotes Speedy Recovery and Positive Outcomes
Sandy Edwards

Seven years after qualifying to become a spiritual healer, Sandy Edwards approached a consultant gastroenterologist at a city hospital and offered to give healing to his patients as a volunteer. She provided healing sessions alongside conventional medical treatments, documenting the effects in a scientific way, and the doctor was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive outcomes. In partnership with the University of Birmingham, as well as a national grant to fund the study, Sandy instigated the largest clinical research trial of spiritual healing in the world.

Revealing the outstanding results of this two-year medical trial, which involved 200 chronically ill hospital patients, Sandy demonstrates that spiritual healing (energy medicine) can support the healing process of a patient, whether they are in pain, sick, stressed, or depressed. In many cases, these patients had been suffering for a long time with little hope of recovery. Yet they improved substantially in numerous ways after receiving just five 20-minute healing sessions.

Illustrating how spiritual healing helps a patient from pain and distress through to recovery, Sandy shares intriguing evidence from case studies as well as other research projects that negate the myth that energy healing is only a placebo.

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  • Published : 23/12/2021
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