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A Selection of the Most Important Patents with Notes
Nikola Tesla

This book is a readable compendium of patents, diagrams and explanations of the many incredible inventions of the originator of the modern era of electrification. In Tesla's own words are such topics as wireless transmission of power, his towers for transmitting electrical power, death rays and radio-controlled airships. The many patents include the electric-arc lamp, the dynamo-electro machine, system of electrical distribution, electro-magnetic motor, armature for electric machines, electrical transformer induction device, apparatus for electrical conversion and distribution, system of electric lighting, electric incandescent lamp, electrical condenser, coil for electro magnets, electric generator, electric meter, steam engine, regulating apparatus for producing currents of high frequency, manufacture of electrical condensers, electrical transformer, electric-circuit controller, means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillators, apparatus for the utilisation of radiant energy, speed indicator, Tesla's water fountain, valvular conduits, lighting protector, flow meter, method of aerial transportation and tons more!

A great visual compilation of all of Tesla's best inventions with text by Nikola Tesla himself in both English and German (in connection with the German patents). Tons of detailed drawings and patent notes!

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  • Published : 03/01/2020
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