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Eco-Activists for Change
Satish Kumar

Life-long campaigner and former Jain monk Satish Kumar has invited twelve activists he most admires to share their own inspiring stories in SMALL WORLD, BIG IDEAS, revealing—some, for the very first time—who or what made them want to change the world and what kind of world they want to help create. 
This book collects the thoughts, hopes and visions of some of the most significant figures in the global fight for a better and more compassionate world. As well as Satish Kumar, we hear from:
Deepak Chopra - The mind-body healing pioneer discusses his journey from growing up in post-war India to learning about Ayurvedic medicine, to his current work promoting spiritual knowledge and working for world peace. 
Jane Goodall - The renowned scientist and conservationist tells of the people who have inspired her in her work to protect animals, and the reasons she has for hope in the future. 
Franny Armstrong - The McLibel filmmaker writes about her politicisation as a teenager, her involvement with the Greenpeace movement and the next steps in the fight against climate change. 
Bob Brown - The Australian Green politician shares stories from his time as an ecologist and lawmaker, and his belief in how democracy can be used to bring people together to fight the looming crises facing Planet Earth. 
Tim Flannery - The explorer and ecologist tells of watching the ecosystems around him disappear, his travels to remote areas around the world and how the only hope for our future lies in connecting with others to act together. 
Polly Higgins -The late environmental lawyer discusses how the concept of Earth Law, and how she came to fight for ecocide to be recognised as a crime against humanity.
Caroline Lucas - England's only Green MP, Lucas writes about how she has fought all her life to change the political system, and how radical change is always possible! 
Bill McKibben - The writer and activist discusses moving from writing to political campaigning, and how he founded, the global grass-roots organization that works to halt and reverse climate change. 

Whether they have championed the tragic plight of Indian farmers impoverished by the domination of the agro-giants or shamed Hollywood into treating climate change as a serious concern these are the people who have made their voices heard.

Their illuminating and often moving life stories will inspire all of us to get off the couch and do something ourselves to help shape a better world.

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  • Published : 18/03/2022
  • ISBN : 9780711275379
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  • Imprint : Aurum Press
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