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Formulas for Self-Transformation
Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“If you think alchemy is just some archaic sleight of hand for changing lead into gold, Saint Germain On Alchemy will set you straight. It's about transformation: transforming yourself—firrst spiritually and then materially. But it doesn't stop there. Alchemy aims to transform the world itself, to guide the unfoldment of history. Don't say it's incredible until you've read the book, experimented with the techniques and seen the results for yourself.” —Richard Nolle, author of Critical Astrology
Voltaire called him the “man who never dies and knows everything.” The Count Saint Germain turned base metals into gold, removed the flaws from diamonds and discovered the elixir of youth. In the eighteenth century, this “Wonderman of Europe” was the confidant of kings and a friend to the poor. Today the master Saint Germain shows that miracles are nothing more than the natural outgrowth of the practice of spiritual alchemy. In this greatest of all self-help books, he describes the principles of alchemy and how you can use them in your own life to bring about spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation.

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  • Published : 01/01/1993
  • ISBN : 9780916766689
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  • Imprint : Summit University Press
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