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85 Incredible Plant-Based Recipes That Are Cheap, Fast, Easy, and Super-Healthy
Hannah Kaminsky

THE STUDENT VEGAN COOKBOOK shows you how, with tips, tricks, and hacks for dormitory-room and small-kitchen cooking and with lots of creative, nutritious, and delectable recipes—each one with its own photograph, something other college vegan cookbooks do not have—covering the whole day, from rushing-off-to-class quick-fix breakfasts to midnight (or later) treats for chilling and unwinding.

Award-winning vegan blogger Hannah Kaminsky has walked the walk, cooking delicious meals for herself and her roommates in her own college years. Fast-forward a few years and Hannah is now a professional food writer and photographer who has created a stunning book full of truly scrumptious, yet easy-to-make, vegan recipes. It includes:
· Wraps, tacos, burritos, and sandwiches, for lunches and casual dinners on the fly
· All kinds of fast and easy noodle dishes, from pasta, soba, and udon to new ways to fix ramen, the perennial student favorite
· Super-healthy smoothies, juices, and shakes
· Loaded toasts—because avocado toast is not the only way to turn toast into a meal
· Colorful, filling, and flavorful one-pan and one-bowl dinners—for the many students who have access to only one burner
· Snacks and party treats that not only taste incredible but also are good for you

Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, or simply an omnivore who wants to eat healthier, and whether you live at home, in your own apartment, or in a dorm, you'll kick your cooking and eating game up to the next level with this inventive and incredibly useful book.

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  • Published : 24/08/2021
  • ISBN : 9780760373071
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