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An Illustrated Look at Life with Anxiety
Maureen Marzi Wilson

If you struggle with anxiety, you may feel like it's you against the world all the time. Sometimes, your anxiety can be too much to handle all at once - wouldn't it be nice to have someone around that understood exactly what you were going through?

Meet Marzi! She struggles with anxiety just like you. In KIND OF COPING, join Marzi as she (kind of) copes with her own anxiety from day to day, finding the humour in her condition with this collection of funny, encouraging and supportive cartoons that show you the best you can do sometimes is just kind of cope - and that's totally OK!

Whether it's a panic attack or an awkward social gaff, Marzi knows what you are going through. With over 150 full-colour doodles that deliver hope and inspiration, unconditional support and big laughs, let Marzi share her journey with you.

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  • Published : 06/08/2019
  • ISBN : 9781507209189
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : Adams Media
  • Size (mm): 152 x 152
  • Category: Self-help
  • Pages : 192
  • Edition :