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What to Do When You've Been Abducted

EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT is the handbook and the essential reference guide for those who have experienced contact with nonhuman intelligent entities, families and friends of those “experiencers” and anyone interested in alien abduction/contact and UFOs.

The ten chapters in this book are based on years of research and access to the files of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraordinary and Extraterrestrial Encounters. Chapters include:

· Understanding Modern Contact
· Am I an Abductee, a Contactee or an Experiencer?
· How to Investigate Your Contact Experiences
· What Social Researchers Know about Contact
· When You Discover That It Isn't ET: Ghosts and Paranormal Phenomena
· When You Want It to Stop: Coping Strategies and Resistance

Wide-ranging, informative and helpful, this is a book that will find a place as an essential component of anyone fascinated by visitations from other worlds.

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  • Published : 06/09/2019
  • ISBN : 9781590033012
  • Format : Paperback
  • Imprint : Mufon
  • Size (mm): 152 x 229
  • Category: Extraterrestrial
  • Pages : 288
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