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A Journey Through the Great Unanswered Questions of Our Time
Editors of Chartwell Books

MYSTERIES IN HISTORY is a magnificently illustrated comprehensive guide with stunning visuals that provides all (or most) of the answers. Whether it be simply the most accepted theories or the most puzzling great enigmas to date in world history. With hundreds of photographs, illustrations, special infographics, curiosities, and historical reconstructions, MYSTERIES IN HISTORY captures the captivating essence hidden in every inexplicable fact.

Some mysteries included are:
· Construction of the pyramids
· Mysterious death of Hitler
· The true identity of Tutankhamun
· The loss and discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
· Rapid decline of the Mayas
· Secrets hidden in the tombs of Antiquity
· Much more!

For the curious, the intrepid, and those who desperately want to know more about the world, the illustrated encyclopaedia of secrets, MYSTERIES IN HISTORY, is here for you.

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  • Published : 04/05/2020
  • ISBN : 9780785838364
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : Chartwell Books
  • Size (mm): 216 x 279
  • Category: Alternative History
  • Pages : 256
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