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25 Easy to Score Tests that Reveal the Real You
Haulwen Nicholas

From the complex, traditional personality tests that are built on Jung's original theories, such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to the fun quizzes in glossy magazines telling us what type of sandwich we are, we have an endless fascination with uncovering who we are and what makes us tick. This comprehensive collection brings together 25 tests, both traditional and contemporary, with detailed results and interpretations at the back.

The author provides her own version and wording for each established model and credits the original creator (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, NASA, etc.) in the short introduction that accompanies each test. After a brief synopsis of the origin of each test as well as detailed analyses and interpretations of the results, this comprehensive collection provides a serious and lasting resource for individuals, couples, families, friends and colleagues alike.

Some of the most popular tests included are:
· Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) 
· The Enneagram 
· 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire 
· Insights Discovery 
· The 12 Core Archetypes 
· DISC (Dominance, Inducement, Submission and Compliance) 

Discover core traits about yourself, such as(1) leadership style, (2) management skills, (3) emotional intelligence, (4) money skills, (5) love language, among others.

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  • Published : 07/09/2020
  • ISBN : 9780785838609
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  • Imprint : Wellfleet Press
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