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How to Wander with Intention and Discover a Better Life
Erika Owen

Have you ever been walking home from work and unexpectedly took a different path just to learn more about your neighbourhood? Or have you been on a vacation and walked around a new city just to take it all in? Then chances are, you're a flaneur and you didn't even know it! Originally used to describe well-to-do French men who would stroll city streets in the nineteenth century, flaneur has evolved to generally mean someone who wanders with intention. Even if you've already embraced being a flaneur, did you know that flaneuring has benefits beyond satisfying your craving for wanderlust?

In THE ART OF FLANEURING, discover the many ways flaneuring can spark creativity, support a more mindful mentality, and improve your overall well-being, including:

-How flaneuring your mundane daily routine can boost your mental health
-Why flaneuring isn't just for jet-setters—you can flaneur anywhere!
-How to manage your stress at the office by doing fun flaneur-inspired activities
-How to use flaneuring to connect on a deeper level with your friends and partner
-And so much more!

With this practical and engaging guide, you can learn how to channel your inner flaneur and cultivate a more creative, fulfilling, and mindful everyday life.

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  • Published : 21/09/2020
  • ISBN : 9781982133511
  • Format : Hardback
  • Imprint : Simon & Schuster
  • Size (mm): 140 x 190
  • Category: Self-help
  • Pages : 192
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