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Healing Gifts and Shining Treasures from the Realm of Enchantment

Ignite your intuition, receive messages and experience the many blessings of the faeries.

Faeries are ancient, powerful elementals and they have many blessings and gifts to offer. Once, the faeries and the humans were allies, united in our love for and protection of the planet. Today, many have lost this connection – and with it, the blessings of the faeries. With this deck, it is the faeries' intention to reweave and reconstruct that relationship, for the good of us all and for the good of this planet.

With every card you'll receive faery treasure – a priceless gift to ignite your intuition, lift you up when the world seems too heavy, offer deep healing and help set you once again on your true life path. Featuring the paintings of renowned faery artist, Amy Brown, written by Lucy Cavendish, this deck is your magickal, healing pathway to receiving messages and blessings from the faeries, every day.

45 full colour cards and 124pp book

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  • Published : 03/07/2019
  • ISBN : 9781925538595
  • Format : Mixed media product
  • Imprint : Blue Angel Publishing
  • Size (mm): 125 x 170
  • Category: Oracle Card Decks
  • Pages : 124
  • Edition :
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