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GEMSTONE GUARDIANS CARDS & YOUR SOUL PURPOSEpresents a hands-on way to engage in discovering and deepening your soul purpose. The 44 two-sided cards have been specifically created to inspire thought from higher levels of awareness and help you answer questions like, “What is my soul purpose?” and “How can I live it more fully?”

Pairing an archetypal career expression with a vibrationally matching crystal, mineral or stone to provide insight into and recognition of your unique path, each card offers a question for contemplative thought, divine guidance messages of hope, happiness and well-being and a positive affirmation. The accompanying booklet explains the soul purpose archetypes, how their attributes relate to choices in one's life work and how the matching gemstone amplifies certain attributes further. The booklet explores how to work with intention, focused attention, and the laws of manifestation to activate the courage and confidence to do your life's work and encourages self-empowerment to propel you into fulfilling your sacred agreements with the Divine. It, also, provides a choice of spreads for divination and explores how life challenges and lessons are not blocks but stepping-stones to help you make a lasting contribution for peace and harmony.

These cards help shine light on the path to your soul purpose and reveal the gemstone guardians as your allies on the journey. You can, also, add these cards to angel communication sessions and tarot card readings for additional insight and direction. Pull a card a day for inspiration or follow the divine guidance and repeat the affirmations to transform your reality and attract joy, wealth, health, protection and happy relationships.

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  • Published : 22/09/2020
  • ISBN : 9781644110676
  • Format : Cards
  • Imprint : Findhorn Press
  • Size (mm): 102 x 140
  • Category: Oracle Card Decks
  • Pages : 128
  • Edition :