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Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Cards Deck

£42.00 inc VAT

100 full colour cards and a 372 page full colour guidebook!

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 The Ark is the most comprehensive tool available for those seeking connection to their Animal Spirit Guides. The deck has 100 cards - 78 are Rider-Waite tarot based and 22 are additional cards. All can be used as an oracle and/or for Shamanic Healing. The book is 372 pages, full colour with detailed yet easy to follow and understand descriptions.

 The Ark won the prestigious Product of the Year at the COVR Visionary Awards. The Ark also won first place (gold) in the overall tarot category. Its accompanying website won Best Audio Visual Product of the Year as well as first place (gold) in the website category.

The Ark – A Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal Tarot & Oracle Cards Deck

 The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Cards Deck is a 100 card, multi-use deck and the first of its kind. Inspiring experts and empowering beginners the archetypal imagery and subtle symbolic key on each card means the The Ark can be used for:


  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Oracle Card Readings & Daily Inspiration
  • Shamanic Readings & Healings
  • Meet & Work with Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal Guides
  • Cartomancy


Set your intuition free! Connect with animal spirit guides so real it seems they’re stepping out of the cards to meet you! Scroll down to see more pictures of the cards and animal allies!








Included is a full colour, 372 page guidebook with deeply meaningful, easy to understand descriptions of both animal and tarot card meanings.